Center Pivot Irrigation Maintenance Tips

Center Pivot Irrigation Maintenance Tips

Drive Train
To maximize the drive train life of your center pivots, linears and other irrigation equipment, periodically drain any water that accumulates in the gearbox and center drive, and make sure the gear lubricant is at the proper level.
Wheel Ruts 
Be sure to fill deep wheel tracks during the off-season to reduce stress on irrigation, tillage, and harvest equipment. To help prevent future tracking, consider changing to a higher floatation tire, adding a floatation drive unit option, or modifying the sprinkler package to reduce water application to the wheel tracks.
Motor Contactors 
Damaged motor contactors can reduce the life of the drive unit motor, so be sure to inspect and replace worn contactors.
Moving Parts 
Steel moving on steel without proper lubrication can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on irrigation parts. Be sure to grease all moving parts, including the pivot point bearing, towable hubs, and corner rollers on your irrigation equipment. 
Sprinkler Package
Water application is at the heart of what you do, in order to do this as best possible; sprinkler packages need to be properly designed and maintained to a high degree of accuracy. Generally, sprinkler packages should be replaced at least every 10,000 hours of operation. Regularly check for broken or worn sprinkler components and replace them as necessary. Also, consider running a new sprinkler design that could maximize uniformity and application efficiency, and help alleviate application issues such as runoff, ponding and soil sealing.
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